Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tea Party Matters! 8/22/12

Wargaming Termination of Tea Party Extremists: So what should we do? First, we must have our eyes open to how the left is manipulating us -- pushing us -- with Alinsky's Rules One through Fourteen.  In baseball parlance, you can't hit a curve ball unless you know it's a curve ball.  Next, we must reinforce and broadcast to the world that violence is not the answer.  Finally, just as Tea Partiers effectively quashed the allegations of racism, we must police our ranks to insure that no one countenances anything even remotely close to what the Alinsky-inspired left is goading us to do. As Mr. Cary adroitly suggested, and as I hope I have crystallized with Alinsky's Rule Fourteen, the threat of a manufactured crisis is not just real.  It's their goal.

Herd of Independent Minds: Liberal intellectuals like to pose as bearers of the culture of reason, as fiercely independent thinkers.  But they are kidding themselves.  They have traded their intellectual primogeniture for the mess of pottage of group identity.  They are fully integrated into the socially and politically dominant tribe, sharing the same visceral likes and dislikes, the same shaming code.  Rather than being autonomous rational actors, they are merely an assemblage of cipher units marching in lock step to the tribal drumbeat. 

We have the duty to protect the life of an unborn child. ~ Ronald Reagan

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