Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Loan Arranger Rides Again – Tea Party Cartoon

From hopenchangecartoons

In the film "The Paper Chase," Professor Kingsfield's blanket assessment of college students was that they enter the halls of learning with "a skullfull of mush." And because skullfulls of mush translate so directly into Democratic votes, Barack Obama just made his umpteenth campaign appearance on a college campus.

Unsurprisingly, the president told the students that mean Mr. Romney and vicious Mr. Ryan want to slash the amount of money being given away to college students. Booooo!!!!

But Obama understands the plight of the mushy skull crowd. After all, he and Michelle ran up "a mountain of debt" from loans to go to law school - and there would have been even more debt if "Barry Soetoro" hadn't received all of those "foreign student" grants as an undergraduate.

Granted, the records which would prove whether or not Barry declared himself to be a "foreign student" have been sealed under presidential order, but Harry Reid assures us that such secrecy is a sure sign of guilt - and who are we to question a bitter, partisan, and possibly senile old lemon-sucker of a Senate Majority Leader?

But returning to Obama's speech, he promised to help every working class kid in the nationachieve the new American dream: running up an unpayable amount of debt to the government in return for an utterly useless college degree.

Just how bad is it out there in the Obamaconemy? So bad that 50% of recent college graduatesare either unemployed, or severely underemployed. And right about now, those kids may be asking themselves why they racked up so much debt for so little return.

And just maybe, Barack Obama isn't the one they should be turning to for answers. After all, the first family only paid off that "mountain of lawschool debt" eight years ago...and after borrowing all that money, neither Barack nor Michelle currently has a law license.

Turns out that they'd only need them if they were interested in upholding the law.

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