The mission of Tea Party Fort Lauderdale (TPFL) is to reduce the scope of government and its intrusion onto the freedom and liberty of the individual.

TPFL is therefore organized to: 
  • Encourage the strict interpretation of the Constitution
  • Reduce government spending; demand lower taxes
  • Reduce the national debt and federal budget deficit
  • Maintain a strong national defense
  • Protect unalienable rights as given by our Creator
  • Promote local and state political objectives
  • Support candidates with TPFL principles and strong moral character
  • Expose groups whose actions threaten the United States of America
  • Promote the education of The People as to our Founding Documents, to include:
    •    The Declaration of Independence
    •   The United States Constitution
    •   The Bill of Rights
    •   The Federalist Papers and other writings