Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Social issue circular firing squads are a very dangerous diversion right now …

ship of state Can You Feel The Ship Turning?From John Sykes

The social issue distractions of this week, fueled by the circular firing squads of RINO’s feeding on themselves and well-meaning but win-at-all-cost GOPers, mean little in the face of impending moral and economic destruction!

Yes, I still believe social issues derive from all-important moral issues that will determine the future of our culture, that social issues have and will continue to tip elections.

But  I have one strong caveat.

The economic collapse has arrived more quickly and must be faced now.

Please circulate this “One Nation, Under Water” video, vote against the worst of our progressives, and pray that we survive for the changing of our statist ship of state’s course.

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