Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tea Party Matters! 3/20/12

Springtime for Occupy!  Frances Fox Piven &  Stephen Lerners Six Risky, Strategic Steps Forward for the Evicted Movement

1. LOCALIZE: Move Protest into neighborhoods and schools.
2. OCCUPY FORECLOSED HOMES AND FACTORIES: Broaden agenda to those most affected by the economic collapse.
3. RECRUIT YOUTH: Use the Universities and Professors as spearheads of Recruitment to broaden movement.
4. ORGANIZE WITH LABOR: Further integration between Occupy and the traditional Unions, teamsters and community organizing, leftist organizations.
5. OCCUPY DEMOCRATS: Specifically target the DNC convention, being held at Bank Of America Arena, to make a point that this is not a partisan movement.  In spite of the fact that scores of Democrats have praised the Occupy movement, including President Obama.

Welfare, Not Work: Obama Shuts Down Minority Business Agency:
Hosannas. Obama has finally cut some federal spending. But noting which agency he shut down is sort of emblematic of his whole welfare/big government-pushing presidency
   On Friday, the Department of Commerce announced that it would be shutting down all five regional offices of the Minority Business Development Agency, an agency that was created by Richard Nixon to help develop minority businesses. [Of course our Panderer-In-Chief would first eliminate any effort that requires our entitlement class to work! – JS]

Ahmadinejad: No Christians, No Holocaust, No Problem: While President Obama continues to discourage Israel from striking Iran in self-defense, Iran continues to flout the opportunities this is providing: both as regards their aggression toward Christians within their own borders and aggression toward Israel. Thus, while Obama dithers, tries to persuade Israel to dither with him, and smiles like the Cheshire cat when British Prime Minister David Cameron echoes his appeasement-first approach, Iran marches on.The Iranians have spent the last few weeks taking Christians “from their homes and work places” and putting them in jail to keep them from going to church. Among those captured were “Muslims and Christian converts [who regularly] attend church services.

INCREDIBLE! Bloomberg Bans Food Donations to NYC Homeless Shelters: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Food Police cronies have sank to an all-time low. Expanding his taxpayer-funded war on salt, the administration is now forbidding you from donating food to government-run homeless shelters because he has to monitor the salt, fat, and calorie content of the food being served. You see just as Bloomberg believed he could stop food stamp recipients from buying beverages other than water, he believes he should the run the lives of the homeless.

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