Tuesday, March 20, 2012


From The Blaze:

The video reveals that if a more earnest picture of the modern-day U.S. were painted, it would show a number of “inconvenient truths,” including: a ravaged housing market, an S&P downgrade to the nation’s credit rating for the first time in history, “out of control spending,” record-high levels of Americans at poverty level and on food stamps, soaring unemployment rates, and vast increases in the national debt and gas prices. The list goes on…


  • Unemployment has risen 7.8% — 8.3% on average
  • The National Deficit has risen $10.7 — $15.3 Trillion
  • Gas prices have risen $1.84 on average
  • 7.7 Million foreclosures
  • A record 46.2 Million at poverty level
  • 46.1 Million on food stamps

Yet, as the video highlights, the president continues to engage in what many feel is class warfare, insisting the wealthiest Americans “pay their fair share” through tax increases, and even suggesting that working Americans needn’t hesitate to “give up some of [their] bonuses and compensation.”

President Obama consistently passes blame for the abysmal economy on his predecessor, saying George W. Bush led Americans down the “wrong road” — which leads many to ask: Then why are we still on it?

But, whichever road Americans have been traveling on, 70% say it’s the wrong one.

[Please. Use this very well done video to keep reminding others of the re-distributive detour consequences our Dear Leader is imposing. Post it. Mail it. Again, and again, and again! – JS]

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