Friday, March 2, 2012

Great Counters To All Those Gun Control Myths!


This FirearmsTruth series examines gun control myths that the media continues to propagate. The first gun control laws were intended to keep minorities from being able to possess firearms. Today, the stated purpose is to keep criminals from obtaining guns for the furtherance of criminal activity. Oddly enough, the number of armed criminals has increased during the same period that gun control laws have proliferated. Draconian anti-gun laws seem to have the opposite effect of those intended. Read more

Myth One: Guns Cause Crime: Gun control advocates often pander to people’s emotions and so-called common sense. It is easy to argue that the availability of firearms increases crime. But careful study shows this simply isn’t true. If anything, legal gun ownership reduces crime, at least violent crime. Read more

Myth Two: Firearms Restriction Reduce Crime: Gun control advocates have claimed for years that laws which restrict firearms ownership reduces violent crimes. The United States has over 20,000 different gun laws, most of which are at the state and local level. Since the 1960’s states and cities have passed stricter firearms laws intending to reduce violent crime but more often than not violent crime increased. Read more

Myth Three: Guns are if little help in defending against criminals: This myth goes hand in hand with the second myth – that being that gun control laws reduce crime. The truth is that guns in private hands are quite helpful in defending against criminals, especially if they are armed. Read more

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