Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tea Party Matters for 2/14/12

063WOW!! Military Chaplains to be Charged with Sedition and Treason for Preaching Against Sin : The Army immediately issued orders to all chaplains, especially Catholic chaplains that they are not allowed to read the letter in its entirety and that certain portions of it are to be blacked out and not read aloud. Former Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt said, “The secretary of the Army said you have to line out some of the language, or else we’re going to charge the chaplains with sedition and treason for opposing the Obama administration. Can you believe this? They are actually threatening chaplains with court-martial if they dare to preach against sin in their own church.”

WOW!! Public policy poll shows Rick Santorum leads Romney nationally by 15 points: But that's just one poll, so says an angry Ron Paul supporter! And they would be correct, however, the RCP average of several polls has Santorum in the lead by 1.6% nationally. Quite a stunning comeback from a candidate who was under 5% for 47 weeks. Glenn Beck has more on the continuing Santorum surge on radio today. WATCH

Unemployment fairy tales: If you think the unemployment rate is 8.3%, I’ve got a brand new 1958 Edsel with zero miles for you.The BLS does account for 12,800,000 unemployed workers and they base their calculation of the unemployment rate on that number. Note that they are purposefully missing almost one-third of workers who are not employed but would certainly like to have a job.  By adding those workers back into the unemployed figure, the actual number of unemployed is 17,800,000. If we divide the real number of unemployed workers by the BLS reported workforce, the actual unemployment rate is NOT 8.2%, it is 11.5%.

The Demise of the Tea Party is Greatly Exaggerated: Certain people keep opining that the Tea Party is all but dead, but those who wish for the demise of the Tea Party are missing the emerging new political infrastructure where Tea Party groups have set aside rallies for political action. Consider Wisconsin to determine where the Tea Party is going in 2012 and beyond.

The Liberal Uses of Race: Racism is about many things, but it isn’t about race. To understand the uses of race in American liberalism requires understanding its place in the political culture. When American liberals speak of race, they aren’t speaking in the genetic sense; what they are doing is clumsily piggybacking class onto race and adding one dubious construct to another. The placement of racial politics at the center of liberal advocacy coincided with a growing national prosperity that seemed to be on the way to making class warfare of the old kind irrelevant. Previous liberal civil rights activity had been a subset of class, but class now became a subset of race. And both were a means of liberal self-definition as the people concerned with the plight of the downtrodden.

Obama Appoints LOBBYIST to Represent Illegal Aliens Against States and Citizens: In an effort to quell accusations by the open borders lobby that the Administration has not gone far enough with its administrative amnesty program, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced last week the creation of a new “public advocate” position for illegal aliens. Senior ICE Advisor Andrew Lorenzen-Strait, who was appointed as the new advocate, will serve as a point of contact for aliens in removal proceedings, community and advocacy groups, and others who have concerns, questions, recommendations or other issues they would like to raise about the Administration’s executive amnesty efforts. (ICE Press Release, Feb. 7, 2012)

The Original Intent of the Second Amendment : Before we look over what the implications of the Second Amendment are, let's look at some quotations from the founding fathers themselves about gun control and the constitution's protection of the right to keep and bear arms.

Agenda 21 For Dummies: Agenda 21 explained very well. Including implications it will have on humanity. Opinions within the video come in some cases from those that were in on the negotiations. Truly an interesting watch.

"... judicial verbicide is calculated to convert the Constitution into a
worthless scrap of paper and to replace our government of laws with a judicial
oligarchy." -- Senator Sam Ervin

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