Friday, February 10, 2012

America Deserves a Choice


[I still wish Paul Ryan was a candidate for the Presidency! He calls for boldness, not a RINO-dictated policy of pap. – JSW]

By Paul Ryan

It’s getting late, so I’ll get right to the point: We only have nine months to defeat Barack Obama – nine months to reject his agenda of debt, doubt, and decline.

And while defeating this President is necessary to getting America back on track, it is hardly sufficient.

Put simply, Americans deserve a choice – and it is our responsibility to offer them one. They deserve an opportunity, not just to divert from the President’s path to decline, but to affirm a reform agenda that restores our bedrock of founding principles.

Now is the time to promote American exceptionalism, remove barriers to upward mobility for those in need, and put the nation back on a path to renewed prosperity for all.

Look, the Obama presidency has been a disappointing failure. He should have taken steps immediately to restore confidence in the American economy.

Instead, he sidetracked the economy to pursue a debt-fueled ideological agenda that squandered the trust of the American people.

Please read the rest here. It’s truly worth it!

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