Monday, August 20, 2012

Victoria Jackson: I Met Al Jazeera

By Victoria Jackson at

On August 18, 2012 Al Jazeera (United Kingdom) came to our corner on Federal Highway where the Ft. Lauderdale Tea Party has been every weekend consecutively since Obama became President. It is the longest running Tea Party in the world…

The reporter and cameraman recognized me from Saturday Night Live and we had a friendly chat. They seemed surprised that I live here. They said they live on South Beach.

They asked me, on camera, if the Tea Party was going to disappear if Romney won. I said, “Absolutely not! We are here to stay. This is the 2nd American Revolution. We have to hold Romney’s feet to the fire, and make sure he doesn’t slip into socialism like he did in Massachusetts, I love Paul Ryan.”

They seemed pleased with the footage they’d gotten of me.

As they went about interviewing the various Tea Party members standing on the corner with signs and flags, I noticed that they were not showing our black patriots. They would angle the camera away so as not to include them. Danita (co-founder of Ft. Laud. Tea Party) noticed this also, so we confronted them.

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