Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tea Party Matters! 8/1/12

KUDOS! The Federal Housing Finance Agency has said it will not agree to use taxpayer-funded bank bailout money to bail out people's mortgages, drawing "immediate rebuke from the Obama administration," reports Reuters.

"In a world in which violent criminals are frequently armed with various deadly weapons, a public policy limiting the amount of force that may be exerted by an innocent victim in response to life-threatening aggression is puzzling. It is a curious law indeed which posits a society in which only criminals possess the means to kill. Where a violent criminal possesses a firearm, any attempt by his victim to defend himself or herself by inducing “temporary discomfort” in the criminal would likely result in serious injury to the victim or others, no matter what the extent of the defensive opportunity. One is not generally prevented from pulling the trigger of a gun because one is temporarily uncomfortable. This is especially so if the criminal is intent on hurting people. In such a situation, the only viable response by the victim entails the use of deadly force. ... It is perfectly rational for a victim who realizes that a criminal is going to attempt to kill him or her to resist that attempt with any amount of force available. It is, however, often safer, more effective, and perfectly legal to use deadly force instead." -- John C. Lenzen

   Colorado congressman justifies Obamacare using... Colorado shooting rampage -- Actually, we suppose that took longer than expected. Just about two weeks after a lunatic's rampage left 12 moviegoers and one unborn child dead, and just about one week after a decidedly unfunny jerk comedian cracked the first bad joke on video, a decidedly unfunny jerk congressman cracked the second. TheDC's executive editor, David Martosko, reports:
   "Colorado Democratic Rep. Ed Perlmutter said during a Monday online town hall meeting that victims of the July 20 movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colo. 'would be uninsurable' without President Barack Obama's health care overhaul. [U]nder the Affordable Care Act they can’t be discriminated against starting in 2014. reproduced video of Perlmutter telling his constituents that Obamacare would “stop the discrimination against people with prior illnesses or injuries -- or, say, some of the folks who were shot in the theater.”"

RINO Watch! Food Stamp Republicans: 13 GOPers joined Dems to defeat reforms to the program

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