Monday, August 13, 2012


The response to KrisAnne's visit has been huge!  Rather than to turn away many, many people, we've chosen to switch to the large, upstairs room at Nick's that can easily accommodate our need for space.  All this really means is that rather than ordering from the menu at Umberto's, we will be served the buffet consisting of Chicken Francese, pasta, and Caesar salad at a cost of $20.

We sincerely hope that the $20 charge at Nick's will not deter anyone from attending.  Think of what you get for that money:  A beautiful room, a fabulous speaker who time and again 'brings down the house', and a buffet.  I really cannot think of where else you would get such a deal.

If we do not hear any differently from you, we will assume that your reservation remains in-tact. It is important to cancel if you can not honor your confirmation; TPFL must pay for any and all meals that we have guaranteed to the establishment whether they were eaten or not, which has happened many, many times at past events.

Very sincerely, Danita and Jack
Tea Party Fort Lauderdale

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