Monday, July 30, 2012

Tea Party Matters! 7/30/12

   A world without America is a lonely place without a champion of liberty. But the good news is that the nation is ultimately a reflection of who we are as people. If we seek to restore this country to greatness, we must personally embody the ideals of our Founding and promote them in the culture despite all adversity.
  In essence, we are the torchbearers for our Founders’ legacy. We must enter the philosophical cave of darkness to cast light upon mankind’s future travails if our nation should fail freedom. The struggle that many American “conservatives” refused to take seriously and thus forsook for decades, which is taking the fight to our political opponents on the basis of moral principles, must be taken up in earnest if there is to be any hope of winning the long ideological war to restore the noble America of our longing.

Good for All of Us: In his American Spectator article "Crony Nation," F. H. Buckley, professor at George Mason University, maintains that the rule of law is necessary for prosperity.
   Prosperity fails when corruption erupts, and sadly, America is rife with corruption.
   However, we can change this state of affairs by once again making the rule of law central part of our national belief and practice.
   How to Fight Democrat Intimidation: So, from now on, don't play the politically correct game.  Throw it right back at them.  It's violent, offensive, repulsive, intrusive, racist, bigoted, intolerant, or divisive.  It sets a bad example for the young, it violates our rights, and it threatens not only a civil society, but a free society as well.
   And don't back down or cower because of this thuggish behavior.  This is a time for valor, a time for all of us to take a stand.  Our soldiers do not cringe in the face of danger just because the enemy has a gun.  Neither should we. [By the way, use facts. Because they don’t have any, progressives don’t know how to counter facts!]

The Chick-fil-A Mirror:Every now and then an event comes along that offers a unique reflection of our world. A mirror, if you will, of what our culture has become… It is a fascinating progression that has taken place in American culture.
  1. First, classical Christian orthodoxy was marginalized. 
  2. Second, it became ostracized.
  3. Third, it became demonized.
  4. Fourth, it became penalized.
  5. And now the move would seem to be to have it criminalized

"Murder rates in 'gun controlled' areas, such as Mexico and South Africa, are more than twice as high as those in the United States. Conversely, countries such as Switzerland, New Zealand, and Israel, which have household gun ownership rates comparable to those in the United States, have much lower rates of crime and violence." -- Markus T. Funk

WOW! Bombshell book discloses Obama passed on the Bin Laden kill 3 separate times

Wolf Watch! Two Democratic Members of Congress are introducing legislation today that would place new regulations on the online and mail-order sale of ammunition.

RINO Watch! Why did Romney pick Adviser ‘Leavitt’ Who Profits From ObamaCare?

RINO Watch > What Grows in a Drought? Government! Vet Speaker Boehner on this one

Michelle Feels Your Pain as she sports $6,800 Jacket - More than average U.S. family monthly income

Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege. ~ Unknown

Busted: Lying like his boss, Mr. Pfeiffer and the White House Blog

No Joke: How Obama will steal the coming election using every dirty Chicago-style trick!

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