Friday, April 27, 2012

Knock Back a Cold One –Tea Party Cartoon

From hopenchangecartoons

The Barack Obama-approved revolution in Egypt is already producing exciting new changes thanks to the country's Islamist-dominated parliament. For instance, the minimum age for marriage is being lowered to 14, women will no longer have rights to education or employment, and husbands will now be legally able to have sex with their dead wives for up to six hours following death. After which, the cloud of flies just makes it too hard to see where everything goes.

And while we're taught not to be judgemental of other cultures, Hope n' Change has to admit that Islam isn't exactly covering itself with glory here. When we connect the dots between having sex with virgins in the afterlife, having sex with chickens and children in this life, and having sex with dead women, it seems the unifying idea is for Islamic men to have carnal knowledge with someone who can't critique their performance.

But before we waggle our fingers too hard at Egypt's necrophiliacs, it's only fair to point out that the situation in the United States is about to get even worse.

Specifically, Barack Obama plans to let the Bush-era Estate Tax cuts expire soon, allowing the government to vigorously defile the dead in ways that would make an Egyptian maggot gag.

This means that the current $5 million exemption and top tax bracket of 35% will change to a $1 million exemption, and a jaw-dropping top tax bracket of 55%. That's right, 55¢ of each dollar will be taken from families and be given to the government, even though every dollar had already been taxed to the legal limit during the owner's lifetime.

In real world terms, this means that if a business owner dies, his or her family will probably have to sell the business just to pay the government ghouls. Family farms won't be passed down to children. And more than half of everything that an individual earned in a lifetimewill simply be taken by Washington...the better to fund lavish parties for the GSA, campaign trips for lying politicians, and all-expense paid luxury vacations for first ladies.

All considered, we think that Egyptian's "post mortem whoopee" law is more civilized than Obama's Estate Tax law.

Because as distasteful as it is to see death as an invitation to have sex with an individual, it's even worse when it's used as permission to screw entire families.

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  1. 1) Egyptian necrophiliacs is just too digusting to ever offer comment.
    2) Bush era Estate tax, once implemented, the next step will be to impose a retro-active feature, confiscating wealth created since the industrial revolution began, (member elites excluded of course)