Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tea Party Matters – 7/24/12

Tales of the Red Tape #35: Reams of Simplicity from CFPB: So let’s recap: We have a 2,300-page statute giving rise to a 1,099-page regulation to simplify mortgages, which is spelled out in a 533-page report that chronicles consumer testing from one end of the country to the other. All of which indicates that home loans would likely be a lot simpler if government was a lot less involved.

Most American commentary about the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty has focused on the Second Amendment, but Heritage’s Ted Bromund goes further and explains the treaty’s five fundamental flaws.

Locke and Load: The Right to Resistance: We don’t intend to give up our right to bear arms or the right to resistance to a government bent on depriving Americans of liberty. Constitutional conservatives know exactly what this agenda entails, and the disastrous consequences for acceding to it.
   Washington isn’t broken — just broke: Ultimately, the gridlock we see in Washington is not the result of one party or another. It’s a function of the basic laws of mathematics. Washington is broke, and it’s hurting the rest of America’s ability to expand our economy and end this government-created downturn.
   The results of all the runaway spending, debt and bailouts have proved Ronald Reagan correct. “Government is not the solution to our problem,” Reagan said. “Government is the problem.”
   This is obviously the last thing the Washington establishment — especially on the left — will admit: that the policy framework they have created with bipartisan affirmation over the past few decades has led our nation into a fiscal and political crisis.

RINO Watch! 2004: Romney Signed Off on Permanent Assault Weapons Ban http://bit.ly/LL05md

Change: Brooklyn couple snags $108K in welfare payments to accompany their three BMWs and a Lexus http://bit.ly/OkQArp

Thomas Sowell - News Versus Propaganda http://bit.ly/OkCRAV

Saddens me that 12 people got killed by evil in Aurora, disgusts me that 3,000 are murdered daily in the USA by abortion!

Support ‘National Eat at Chick-fil-A Day’: July 25th http://t.co/echgOM9A

House Dems Refuse to Fund Pelosi’s Sinking Ship - Rats and sinking ships come to mind? http://t.co/NMGZpKLj

We Have a Sin Problem, Not a Gun Problem" http://t.co/qxfEEsrA

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