Saturday, July 28, 2012

RINOs as Conservatives: What’s in a Name?

From Steve Deace at

The good news is conservatism has become a powerful default brand name like Coca-Cola. Almost no one goes to a restaurant or a movie theater and orders a Pepsi, even if they prefer it. The default brand to ask for is Coke, because the brand has become so powerful it’s embedded in the subconscious of most Americans. On the other hand, liberal has become so tainted the Left had to adopt the term “progressive” instead.

The bad news is conservatism has become a powerful default brand name like Coca-Cola, so that even those who prefer Pepsi still ask for a Coke, which means they don’t really know the difference until they taste it. With everybody in American politics slightly to the right of Chairman Mao calling themselves a “conservative” nowadays, most Americans have yet to taste the difference between conservatism, liberalism, and outright statism.

While most of us became conservatives based on definable moral absolutes and a proactive issue agenda based on clearly defined principles, conservatism itself is no longer defined by those things. As former Congressman J.C. Watts recently told me, conservatism has devolved from a movement to an industry

This week Republican Speaker John Boehner indicated he plans on fully funding the government when the debt ceiling comes up again September 30th, which includes the funding of Obamacare. If Obamacare is such a threat to the future of the republic, then shouldn’t the Republican Party do something about it? Especially when you consider according to the Constitution all appropriations (government spending) must begin in the House. Who controls that chamber? Why the Republicans do. They could stop Obamacare by simply refusing to fund it, even if that risks a government shutdown. Last year Vice President Joe Biden said the Democrats would shut the government down if Republicans didn’t cave on funding the child killers at Planned Parenthood, and of course cave is what the Republicans did (and usually do). Is it too much to ask the guys we elect to show the same courage of conviction? And don’t give me anymore excuses about the mainstream media killing them for taking a stand when the country is burning. They took an oath of office before Almighty God to uphold and defend the Constitution, but I’m sure He’ll overlook that whole taxpayer funding for child killing thing because He’s sympathetic to not making the New York Times mad.

As of the end of the fiscal year on June 30th, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has enacted federal spending bills increasing the national debt more in their two-year term than the first 97 U.S. Congresses combined. Sure, they haven’t passed any of President Obama’s bloated budgets, but they continue to fund the welfare state at whose altar he worships.

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