Sunday, July 22, 2012

BULLETIN: Journalism's Dark Night – Tea Party Cartoon

From hopenchangecartoons

Yes, ABC News reported to the world that James Holmes, the lunatic responsible for the "Batman" massacre, might be connected to the Tea Party.

And what was the source of their explosive accusation? They went to a Tea Party website (a funny place to start a journalistic investigation) and found someone with the same name. That's all. One of 27 people living in the area with the same name.

Subsequent investigation caused ABC to offer a small clarification when it turned out that the "Jim Holmes" they mentioned on the air had nothing to do with the shooting. But clearly, ABC News (and their "Chief Investigative Correspondent" Brian Ross) were trying to make the assertion that Tea Party rhetoric could be responsible for this violence - despite the fact that Tea Party rhetoric mostly boils down to "the government shouldn't spend more than it takes in."

In a just world, Ross would lose his job and ABC News would be slapped with the biggest fine ever levied.

And when I say "in a just world," I mean that will happen when Hell freezes over or when the MSM starts reporting news honestly. Guess which one I think will happen first?

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