Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tea Party Matters! 6/26/12

Real News From The Blaze: Romney On the 2012 Electoral MapWHERE WILL ROMNEY COUNTRY BE ON THE 2012 MAP?: Today’s Gallup daily tracking poll has Mitt Romney ahead of Barack Obama by point. Whenever campaign advantages and disadvantages or polls have been discussed on “Real News” up to this point, it has been through the prism of the popular vote. On Tuesday’s show Will Cain took the conversation the electoral college map. When looking at the race through that prism, Mitt Romney has consistently been at a disadvantage. The Wall Street Journal’s Gerald Seib proposed in an article Monday night that if Romney can flip one of only 4 states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania or Michigan – he could very easily have the election in the bag. Watch from Tuesday’s show Cain break down the map, and S.E. Cupp speculate where Romney may be surprisingly strong:

Former President Jimmy Carter has accused the Obama Administration of violating "international human rights." His list of complaints includes drone strikes against terrorists ... [Never thought I would agree with Carter on anything!]

RINO & Corruption Watch!
Sugar lobby sweetens deal for House GOPers, Rubio included, protecting subsidy!http://thedc.com/LyTwSI

Levin: #SCOTUS #immigration decision clears way to sue sanctuary cites, states with in-state tuition http://t.co/YwoeeTzR

Justice Scalia: Obama’s Immigration Stance ‘Boggles the Mind’ - Yah http://t.co/A82WIlSo

IT"S ON! Issa to Obama: So … the White House is involved in Fast and Furious, then?http://t.co/dvIafSYL

Black conservatives attack Holder on voter ID laws http://t.co/s0rYCfLM

"A people that values it's privileges above it's principles soon loses both." Dwight Eisenhower

Child porn and molestation scandal shocks SF, ruins Gay Pride public relations blitz http://t.co/IoRmvzjp

Hillary tied to new Muslim Brotherhood president http://bit.ly/LbC7wN

I Don’t Mean To Be Politically Incorrect, But… militant gays are nothing more than vulgar ... http://bit.ly/LmcZ4L

Obamacare: 0-98 http://bit.ly/NtFU8b

SHAME! Amid the Financial Crisis, Our Congressional Crooks Used Insider Info To Move Holdings http://bit.ly/LXHrYB

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