Monday, June 25, 2012

Tea Party Matters – 6/25/12

Dumb and Dumber DronesDumb and Dumber Drones: The Fourth Amendment gives you and me—as American citizens—the right “to be secure in” our private property without the threat of “unreasonable searches and seizures.” And, warrants for any searches must have “probable cause.” The FAA Modernization and Reform Act is unconstitutional because it appears to allow federal agencies to survey American business owners, farmers, landowners and all other private property owners without showing “probable cause” and obtaining warrants… we risk asymmetric blowback, defy foreign sovereignty, and—most alarmingly—violate our own Constitution. [ Redux: One Nation Under Surveillance - 30000 drones, traffic cameras ... AND America: The Home of the...Compliant? - JS]

Graph 06_22_23_24_2012

A president’s Job Approval rating is one of the best indicators for assessing his chances of reelection.
Typically, the President’s Job Approval rating, currently 44%, on Election Day will be close to the share of the vote he receives. (Click in the image to enlarge.)

[The] purpose of a jury is to . . . make available the common sense judgment of the community as a hedge against the overzealous or mistaken prosecutor and in preference to the professional or perhaps over conditioned or biased response of a judge."
-- U.S. Supreme Court
How’s this for American exceptionalism, Mr. Appeaser-In-Chief? The German finance minister said he was not going to take President Obama's advice on the eurozone crisis, because Obama "should first of all take care of reducing the American deficit."
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  • If the battle for civilization comes down to the wimps versus the barbarians, the barbarians are going to win. ~ Thomas Sowell
  • We do not need more intellectual power, we need more spiritual power. ~ Calvin Coolidge
  • We are never defeated unless we give up on God. ~ Ronald Reagan
  • BREAKING! Pelosi's Poodle Debbie Wasserman Schultz 'getting booted' as DNC chair! (Fist Pump!)
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