Friday, April 6, 2012

Tea Party Matters! 4/6/12

40th Straight Month of Deficits: That streak goes back to the financial collapse under President George W. Bush, and means the government has never run a surplus in any month during President Obama’s tenure. The longest previous deficit streak on record was 11 months.

How Saul Alinsky Taught Obama to Say One Thing and Do the Opposite: Wrote Alinsky: “In war, the end justifies almost any means.” And for Alinsky, as for Lenin and now for Obama, politics is war. Thus a politician is justified in hiding his intention to ban guns while running for office, and likewise justified in reversing position and working “under the radar” for gun bans once in office. Also, a politician is justified in pointing out the problems with a healthcare mandate while running for office, and also justified in reversing course and pushing a healthcare mandate once in office. [In other words, for Obama, pragmatism rules!]

The Vetting: Meet Obama's Catholic Mentor, Father Michael Pfleger:
   Father Michael Pfleger, a radical religious figure and a friend of President Barack Obama’s, may be out of the national headlines. But that doesn’t mean he’s stopped his “social justice” activism. “We cannot talk about Trayvon Martin without talking about the racism that is alive and well in America today,” he said. “America, we demand you deal with race,” Pfleger preached at his South Side St. Sabina Church, according to the Chicago Tribune on March 26, 2012…   
   For Barack Obama, as with Father Pfleger, the Catholic Church has always been a medium for delivering his message – or rather, a tool to be exploited for his own political gain. It’s a pattern that continues today.

Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been … … a social Darwinist? The latest taunt in the world of [Obama’s] playground politics seems to be “Social Darwinist.”  Which, if you don’t know what it means, would be the theory that the toughest do not merely survive, but prevail, and deservedly so. Think Chicago politics …

Obama Looks To Patronize Women With A “Female Forum”: [Does Obama really think that American women will not see through his pandering? – JS]

White House Hosts Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood as Rocket Hits Israel: Therefore, although the Obama Administration remains in denial about the hostile nature of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, its plans to curry favor with Egypt’s new leaders are likely to swiftly collapse in the face of growing Egyptian–Israeli tensions over continued terrorism.

Narcissism Watch! “My entire career has been a testimony to American exceptionalism,” [Obama] said, regurgitating an argument written more than four years ago by his favorite pundit.

Gov. Brewer Drops the Ball on School Choice
: “Every child deserves to have an education tailored to meet their needs, and parents deserve the right to make that choice,” stated Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) last year. A self-professed proponent of school choice, last night she shed that mantle and vetoed legislation that would have provided significant new choices to students in failing school. [Governor, evidently we hardly knew ye! – JS]

“I have no respect for the passion of equality, which seems to me merely idealizing envy — I don't disparage envy but I don't accept it as legitimately my master.” -- Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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