Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tea Party Matters! – 3/7/12

IRS Accused of ‘Intimidation Campaign’ Against Tea Party Groups:
   A conservative civil liberties group accuses the Internal Revenue Service of attempting to “intimidate and silence” a number of tea party groups that have applied for tax-exempt status.
   The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) says IRS requests for information about the groups included “probing questions” that violate the free speech and freedom of association rights guaranteed by the First Amendment….
   “This appears to be a coordinated attempt to intimidate Tea Party organizations by demanding information that is outside the scope of legitimate inquiry and violates the First Amendment,” said Jay Sekulow, ACLJ’s chief counsel. [All it took was a letter from 6 Democrat politicians to the IRS to get this rolling! – JS]

The Ancient Art Of Fooling Voters: To win in Rome: Court key backers, remember voters' names, pander to special interests. A sexual smear against an opponent also helps. [2000 year-old tactics still work for the left! – JS]

Why the Obama Race Tapes Won’t Matter : I don’t want to burst anyone’s anti-Obama bubble, but it doesn’t matter what Andrew Breitbart found and what Sean Hannity or anyone else shows about Barack Obama and Derek Bell. We knew that Obama spent some 20 years at the church led by Jeremiah Wright, and it was passed over. Rick Santorum makes few comments abut contraception, and he wants to establish a theocracy.

Obama mulls giving Moscow data on missile defense: [What more does this Appeaser-In-Chief have to do to convince us that he intends to transform us into a third-rate power? He’s decimating our military, allowing others to build a nuclear threat, and making us the laughing stock of the world, a toothless tiger! – JS]

Coal hurting Obama’s chances in swing states: Dear Republicans, When you finish up letting the Democrats lead you around by the nose over things like which radio show host said what about who and where to buy the cheapest birth control pills, you might want to stop by some of the Rust Belt swing states and ask the folks there how things are going. In particular, check in with them in terms of how much it will be costing each voter this summer to keep the lights turned on and whether or not the workers at a number of coal fired power plants know where to go file for unemployment. [Why can’t the GOP manage to control at least some of the dialogue? Why is the GOP so stymied and dumbfounded by the progressives’ redirects? – JS]

Rush Limbaugh: A Crying Stone in Place of Mute Prophetic Voices? When the prophetic voice mutes itself the stones will clatter and shake. The sound is cacophonic and confusing, but the core of truth the prophets refuse to speak will throb its way out on the thudding stones… Rush Limbaugh proves it all.

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