Thursday, March 1, 2012

RIP A Conservative Warrior: Andrew Breitbart

These goodbyes are some of those offered by TeaPartyFtL members:

“I am sick in my heart and soul.  We lost a man of great allegiance to our "Republic for Which It Stands"; a man with the spirit of boldness, and, yes, outrage when the situation called for it.  As an evangelical Christian, I am told to not worship men, but in this man I felt a wall of protection between "The People", and big government and the media.  I am shaken with a feeling of emptiness, loss, and fear.  He was such a great voice and leader of the ultra-conservative movement: for what is right and what is wrong.  I pray for the plan that God has in bringing another voice and man of greatness to us.  "Satan, get behind me!" Danita

“It's with great sadness to see a great conservative pass away so suddenly.  We will miss him.  He was a great inspiration to all of us.  His beliefs are our beliefs and we will continue his work.forever by spreading his message.” ~ Flo

“A true "VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS" of Political Correctness!” ~ Vince

“Andrew Breitbart was THE PATRIOT this great country needed BECAUSE not enough PINHEADS can be counted upon to overcome their ignorance or disappear. A great loss.” ~ Bob

“A truly Great American and Patriot we have just lost. At just 2 years younger than I my heart breaks for his wife and children. Fellow Americans and Friends we must unite together and continue Andrew's great mission for our great Country. RIP: Andrew Breitbart.” ~ Denise

“My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. We will truly miss a man of fearless courage, who stood up for the injustice of this corrupt government. No one else had the balls to call it as it is. May GOD shine a light on him in heaven and may Andrew keep a close eye from above.” Fran

“He was such a powerful voice for conservatives; he will be greatly missed.  Thank you, Andrew for all of your dedication.” ~ Ruth

“This is a shock, because Emily and I just saw Breitbart at CPAC. He was a rock star over there, as people clamored to get their picture taken with him. I was considering taking a photo with him too, but it was tough with so many people crowding around. I guess that will be the last picture I have of him in my mind, but it’s a very good and appropriate picture indeed.” ~ Joe

“America lost a true patriot and the ultimate in honest, investigative journalism. Those of us who knew Andrew and loved him for his continued quest for the truth will fight on in his memory to bring the truth to everyone who will listen.” James & Jean

   “We Soldiers lost our General today.
   Andrew Breitbart was one of the bravest men I have ever had the honor to meet. He loved and honored our Soldiers so very much. Today, I am certain Andrew is at the Gates of Heaven and I just know he is embracing the two Warriors we lost today in Afghanistan. I am certain he would tell me to fight for their Brothers! My heart is broken but my spirit is resolute.
   In honor of Andrew, and on behalf of our Soldiers he loved, please pick up the phone and fight for our Troops today! In this moment, I am fueled by the spirit of one of the greatest Warriors this world has ever seen, the George Washington of my lifetime. I will fight harder for our troops today than I ever have, because that is what Andrew Breitbart would expect this mother to do! I feel his light on my warpath today. I will fight today more ferociously than I ever have!
   You rest now sweet Warrior, we will Soldier on!
   My very deep condolences to Andrew's wife and children, and all the friends who loved him so dearly.” ~ Beverly

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  1. I have lost a personal hero.

    I will use whatever writing skills and talents I possess to pick up his torch and do my best to help continue to light the path that we are on to get this country back to morality, truth, and Founding Visions.