Monday, February 20, 2012

Why We Fight! – RIP Cpl. Andrew Grenon

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This poem was written in 2008 by Cpl. Andrew Grenon in 2006 and sadly he was killed in Sept 2008 along with Pte Chad Horn & Cpl Mike Seggie.  I received this in my email this morning from a soldier who served with Andrew and he asked if I would share it on our page so here it is:


By Cpl. (RIP) Andrew Grenon



I’ve often asked myself why we are here.
Why my government actually agreed to send troops to this God-forsaken place.
There are no natural resources. No oil, gold, or silver.
Just people.
People who have been at war for the last 40 plus years.
People who want nothing more than their children to be safe.
People who will do anything for money; even give their own life.
I look into the eyes of these people.
I see hate, destruction and depression.
I see love, warmth, kindness and appreciation.

Why do we fight?

For in this country, there are monsters.
Monsters we could easily fight on a different battlefield, at a different time.
Monsters that could easily take the fight to us.
Surrounding these mud walls and huts is a country in turmoil.
A country that is unable to rebuild itself.
A country that cannot guarantee a bright future for its youth.

Why do we fight?

Because, if we don’t fight today, on THIS battlefield,
then our children will be forced to face these monsters on our own battlefield.
I fight because I’m a soldier.
I fight because I’m ordered.
I fight, so my children won’t have to.

R.I.P Cpl Andrew Grenon

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