Monday, February 13, 2012

This guy, Obama, our Alinskyite-In-Chief, is really getting scary!

By John Sykes

.Today Obama announced a new budget that he knows nobody will pass. I’ll let FRC, in “In Lew of Restraint: Higher Taxes”, tell you about it:

The 97-0 thumping that the President's budget took last May was humbling but apparently not instructive. Today, the White House released another draft for fiscal year 2013, and many of the same problems exist. On top of a trillion dollars in stimulus-like spending, the President's "solutions" are a repeat of last year's criticisms: higher taxes, shady accounting, and more government projects the country can't afford.

Then he and his minions are perfectly happy to start a religious war through their policy implementations of the insidious Obamacare which is showing it’s true colors. It’s not about medical care. It’s about health care, progressive speak for telling us all what we can or cannot do with our lives.

(By the way, this guy Jack Lew, Obama’s Chief of Staff, while pompously mouthing off on the weekend talk-shows, didn’t even know that it takes 51, not 60, senatorial votes to pass the budget we haven’t had for over 1000 days.)

And now, eerily reminiscent of Woodrow Wilson’s Committee on Public Information, the Obama Campaign Launches Truth Teams. ABC News reports the campaign is looking to “enlist” and “educate” nearly 2 million people for the team. Add into this his recent embrace of SuperPacs to fund his propaganda campaigns.


Finally, he’s seized control of more than 25% of the economy with Obamacare, his automotive escapades, and his financial legislation. He’s undertaken class warfare, racism warfare, and religious warfare.

Tell me. Is he evil, simply delusional, sly-as-a-fox or “all of the above”?

Or is he just hell-bent on finishing what Woodrow Wilson started – a progressive descent into a statist swamp?

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