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No Aid To P.A. Until It Fulfills Agreements With Israel!

ZOA Supports Conference Of Presidents Demand For U.S. & Europeans To Declare: No Aid To P.A. Until It Fulfills Agreements With Israel

May 18, 2011
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29 Democratic U.S. Senators Also Call for U.S. aid cut

The ZOA strongly supports and has praised the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (representing 51 national Jewish groups), of which ZOA is a charter member, for calling for an end to U.S. and European aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) after the Fatah/PA forged a unity government agreement with the Hamas terrorist group. The Conference of Presidents strongly expressed its view that a Fatah/Hamas unity regime constitutes a “danger.” Regarding PA president Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas’ Ismail Haniyeh’s public support for violent demonstrations and incursions into Israel from Lebanon, Syria and Hamas-controlled Gaza this week, the Conference of Presidents said, “These are not the words of someone committed to a peaceful resolution through negotiations … These statements underscore the need for clear declarations by the United States, European countries and others that they will not provide assistance to a Palestinian Authority that encourages or approves violence, refuses to negotiate and does not live up to its commitments in previous agreements” (‘Abbas’ Tribute to Violent Demonstrators and Haniyeh’s Call for “An End to the Zionist Project” Underscores Danger of Hamas-Fatah Unity,’ Conference of Presidents press release, May 16, 2011).

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