Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Master Plan of Agenda 21


Agenda 21 is a comprehensive master plan to reshape and control the United States and lock us into the clutches of the United Nations under the innocuous phrase Sustainable Development.

Advocates of Agenda 21 talk about the three E’s of Sustainable Development: Economy, Equity, and Environment. Equity means replacing our American constitutional system with central planning and “social justice,” which is a code word for redistribution of wealth and the abolition of private property rights. Economy means shifting from a private enterprise system to government-private-corporation-partnerships. That would be a giant step toward Socialism. Environment means giving animals and plants more rights or at least equal rights with humans. It also promotes worship of nature and Mother Earth.

Agenda 21 wants to herd people into crowded communities, with limited housing space and limited parking spaces. This will promote the green goal of reducing our use of automobiles, allowing only electric cars that can’t go very fast or very far, so people will have to walk and use bicycles and mass transit. Agenda 21 even supports the Wildlands Project, which seeks to turn 50% of our nation into a pre-Columbus wilderness where animals roam freely and humans are crowded into limited spaces.

This UN plan means imposing UN taxes on currency transfers, fossil energy production including oil, natural gas and coal, the commercial use of oceans, international airplane tickets, and all foreign exchange transactions. Taxes of this magnitude would give the UN so much power that it would become a world government. Tell your Members of Congress to pledge that the day the UN tries to impose these taxes will be the day we say goodbye to the UN.

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