Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hmmmm…? Did Haridopolos play sneaky games with FL redistricting plans?


Florida Republican politics is a Byzantine web of intrigue and treachery, a terrain of secret alliances and hidden rivalries involving not only elected officials, but also a vast imperial court of staffers, consultants, campaign operatives and money men who constantly aspire to advance their own narrow personal ambitions without any regard for the commonweal. The only reason honest people in Florida vote for Republicans is because the state’s Democrats are so much worse…

…If anyone wishes to vouch for the bona fides of Haridopolos, let him stand forth and speak up. But Plakon, Hasner and West are all allied with the Tea Party, whereas Haridopolos reputedly depises the Tea Party, and so if there were someone looking to make trouble for West and his Tea Party friends . . .

Well, distracting everybody by putting the blame on Weatherford — a popular politician whose own ambitions might make him a future rival of Haridopolos in a statewide campaign — would be just the kind of sneaky thing you might expect in such a situation involving Florida Republicans.

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