Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Can do attitude vs what can you do for me?


Call me crazy but there was a time when the US was a “Can do country”. Now the perception form outside nations and most importantly from our own American’s is more of a what can you do for me attitude.

America has seen a steep decline on the global scale in the past few years and trust me there are plenty of countries taking note. Not only on a global view but lets look in the mirror at our own “Americans” and their attitude. You would have to be blind to think that the rise in “hand outs” hasn’t been on the increase. Being in the military it is somewhat transparent within in the services but looking out we as a country are not the same country we were ten years ago. Not even close.

What happened to the days America was the front runner? The leader. There is an interesting term “Leader” as we need more to stand up and start kicking ass again. Our military is being shrunk, assets being reduced and military veterans with hardened combat experience told to walk and find a job in the civilian world (good luck). I’ve said it before but when you dump so many combat hardened veterans, you don’t retain that knowledge and experience within the ranks again over night.

I personally am set up to throw a nice solid forearm into the opposition as are many fellow service members. I frankly still believe America is great and land of the free. I still believe our military is the greatest force on the earth and not only because of our numbers but because of the ones wearing the uniform. The ones that have the similar attitude of those that went before us in places called Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima and the ones who stood strong after the attacks at Pear Harbor. Your warriors don’t fall into the “what can America do for me” category; they are the “doers” of America.

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