Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?

By John Sykes 

That God appointed man to be stewards of this world in Genesis 1:28 should be enough of an answer but read on for more!


From Gary DeMar at

Sometimes Christians are their own worst enemy. There is an ideological battle going on among Christians. Should Christians involve themselves in the world by participating in politics, pursue advanced degrees in education, medicine, science and law, produce films, seek careers in journalism, and develop non-governmental programs for long-term social reform based on a well thought out biblical worldview? Or should Christians spend their life in so-called full-time Christian service and reject the world?

If Christians abandon politics and the courts, to name just two “secular” realms that impact us on a daily basis, it’s quite possible that the freedoms that we have to preach the gospel might someday be taken away.

What would happen in today’s world if what’s left of the salt and light of Christianity were withdrawn? Not only can’t a biblical case be made for a narrow shaping of the Christian worldview, it would be impossible, impractical, and frightening to attempt to defend and implement such a position…

This doesn’t mean that we should stop preaching Gospel, but it does mean that there are other duties for Christians to perform. The Christian faith and Christians are under attack. The day may come, because of our self-imposed silence, that we will be forced into silence as a matter of law. Then what will we do? I guess at that people Christians will look for a “rapture” to save them from the coming tribulation. Tell that to the millions of Christians who died at the hands of bloody 20th-century dictators. We need to grow up and take responsibility for this world.

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