Monday, July 16, 2012

Tea Party Matters! 7/16/12

uncertainThe Leech of Liberal Christianity is Dying: For any liberals who happen to be reading this, please take note of this: Religious and political conservatives are not against social reform. The fact that I even need to put it into print is beyond ridiculous. There is no conservative that is even claiming this to be true. The primary difference between liberals and conservatives is not the necessity of social reform, but the funding of social reform. Liberals believe the civil government should be the primary funding and acting agent; conservatives believe that citizens should be the primary funding and acting agents. In fact, the Old and New Testaments are quite clear that the domain of “social reform” belongs to the community of faith (i.e. the local church), not to the government. Caring for the poor, widows, orphans, the sick and needy, and others in need is not a task of the civil government, it is a task of neighbors and individuals working together. Social reform is meaningless when it is only done under the compulsion of civil government.

Who Is Afraid Of Whom? If we keep on doing what is right – no matter what the consequences – they will not be able to enslave us. These would be masters want to replace our God as supplier of our needs and definer of our morality. In the long term, they cannot win. We simply need to remember who the real source of our daily needs is, and who really sets the standard of right and wrong. As long as we do that and look into the eyes of the future generations, we cannot run in fear from the conflict, and we cannot be defeated.
   Rainbow Flag Imperialism: When it comes to foreign policy, the Obama Administration has made it clear they will have two priorities -- promoting homosexuality and promoting abortion. The Administration has not only vocalized this policy but been quick to put taxpayer funds and resources behind it -- regardless of other countries' views on the matter. Earlier this year in the country of Bulgaria, the Administration spent tax dollars on aGay Bulgarian Film Festival as well as an "after show party." In June, the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria, alongside 12 ambassadors from other countries, endorsed that country's gay parade in an official declaration.
   This brought the attention of 20 civil society organizations who wrote a letter to the embassies expressing their outrage that these countries would seek to promote activity that is against Bulgarian law, which clearly defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. This all seems to be part of the President's push, headed up by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to use official U.S. resources to promote homosexuality. For example, while the Administration is slow to defend oppressed Christians who are being killed for their beliefs in Muslim and communist countries, they took less than one day to condemn the Russian government for barring a homosexual pride parade in Moscow. It is clear with this Administration that family and babies take a back seat to exporting immorality.
Why Are So Many Pollsters "including an unrealistic percentage of Democrats in their sample?" [The skews historically are 5% or more in favor of the democrats. And then there is the silent majority that never answers or sloughs off the pollsters. Try to explain the supposedly very close WI massive victory any other way!]

Lies, Damn Lies! Tax receipts are only dropping because our economy is in the tank, Stupid!

Deliberate Dismantling of Welfare Reform - And our country? Looks like ... #tcot #teaparty #statism #fascism

GREAT! My New [Racist, Sexist, Homophobic] Second Amendment Diversity Plan #tcot #teaparty #gunrights

Liars For Obama: Dreams from Governor Abercrombie #tcot #teaparty

When a politician starts a sentence with “frankly,” he’s about to lie to your face.

Beaking VICTORY! Conservatives Portman, Ayotte, Isakson Sink Law of the Sea Treaty #tcot #teaparty

FINALLY! Dems show their intent too early > Sen. Murray: NO COMPROMISE > Let Bush Tax Cuts Expire #tcot

I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy! #gunrights #tcot #teaparty

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