Friday, June 1, 2012

Pole Watchers – Tea Party Cartoon

From hopenchangecartoons
In a meeting this week with Jewish leaders, Barack "Hussein is Yiddish for Hebrew" Obama insisted that he's a terrific ally of Israel (despite all evidence to the contrary) and, in fact, knows more about Judaism than any other president ever has because...because...he's read about it.
Seriously, that's what the man said - capturing perfectly the classic idiocy of the Ivory Tower liberal who believes that books and theory are superior to reality and experience. And frankly, we're skeptical that Obama has read up on Judaism, and suspect that he's actually remembering being stoned out of his gourd in college and giggling during some movie called"Torah, Torah, Torah."
But Rabbi Obama wasn't done lecturing his assembled guests, and told them that he was demonstrably in Israel's corner because "all of my friends in Chicago are Jewish" and at the beginning of his career, he was accused of being their puppet.
Yikes. So suggesting that he was not part of a Zionist puppetmaster conspiracy in Chicago is Obama's idea of impressing his Jewish guests?

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