Monday, June 18, 2012

Law Schooled – Tea Party Cartoon

From hopenchangecartoons:

For the record, Hope n' Change is tickled pink there are laws which protect the physical safety of presidents, whether they're popular or not. And like every other freaking law on the books,including those related to immigration, we think those laws should be vigorously enforced.

Why? Because laws which have been enacted by our legally-elected representatives in Washington reflect the voice and will of the American people, tempered with the Constitutional wisdom of our nation's founders. No one should be above the law or be dismissive of the process by which laws are created or repealed.

Which brings us to His Royal Highness, The Most Excellent and Almighty Barack Hussein Obama - Hallowed Be Whichever Name He Is Currently Using.
Laws mean nothing to him. Nothing.

Not the immigration laws he just told Eric "Lapdog" Holder to stop enforcing. Not the laws which make it illegal to give guns to Mexican drug cartels. Not the laws which make it a criminal offense to leak classified intelligence for your own political gain.

Not the laws against tax fraud which Obama threw to the wind to let Tim Geither run all of our finances through his faulty TurboTax software. Nor the bankruptcy laws that Obama shredded in order to shaft GM's bondholders and give a multi-billion dollar political payoff to the United Auto Workers.

The laws against voter intimidation and hate crimes were quick to be discarded by this president when the New Black Panthers threatened voters and used racial epithets at a polling place. Laws against non-citizens voting in a presidential election? They're on the books - but Obama is going to war with Florida to keep them from being enforced.

And now, as Obama begins a frantic effort to buy votes, people are wondering what laws theyshould stop obeying in hopes of taking advantage of the president's growing "wheel of fortune" anti-law election giveaway policies.

Hey, don't pay your mortgage bills - Obama might forgive your debt! College loans? Hey, screwthe legally required payments - Obama is hinting at fiscal amnesty for students! Thinking of giving up marijuana? Don't be stupid - word on the street is it's on the Choomer-in-Chief's "do not enforce" shortlist! And the list goes on and on...

What we're talking about here is chaos. Anarchy directed from the Oval Office. Because Barack Obama intends to win reelection even if it means burning this country and its laws to the ground.

And Hope n' Change is against that, in the strongest possible way. Because when this is no longer a nation of laws, then it sure as hell isn't the nation that generations have fought and died for.

Barack Obama should be made to answer to the American people (via Congressional action)right now whether he supports our system of laws and will demand that the Department of Justice actually enforce them. And our elected representatives must stand up now to say that unilateral declarations from the Whitehouse will not be allowed to derail our Constitutional balance of powers.

We can't wait until election day to get this settled. Because it is the election process itselfwhich the president is actively, aggressively, and illegally working to subvert.

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