Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Do It Anyway! – Deflecting “You’re Not a Real Christian” Secular Statist Attacks

This is an often under-stated but important issue Christians need to face. Don’t let secular statists, even your president, accuse you of not being a “real Christian” when all they are trying to do is trample on what is morally right.

By Larry Miller at politicalchristian.org

However, this “you’re not a real Christian” attack is often mounted to silence the guilt provoking consideration of what our Creator really has to say about how we should live our lives. For instance, I have been told that a “real Christian” would understand that a homosexual was born that way and can’t help being attracted to members of the same sex…

Whatever the supposed point of contention, the primary objective of those who want us to believe they are an authority on how a “real Chrisitan” should talk and behave is to mold us into the type of person who does things they believe are best for everyone, rather than think independently and find out exactly how to live in a way pleasing to our Creator. As with everything else they do, they key word is control.

Next time someone tells you how a “real Christian” should act, consider their words, but do not be intimidated by them. We do not want our actions to cause anyone to stumble, yet we do not want to be dissuaded from doing whatever task we have been called to do. We are often quoted the “blessed are the peacemakers”, which is an important part of our faith, yet our myopic adversaries conveniently forget that Jesus made a whip and physically drove the money changers from the temple. We need to keep in mind what Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time for every purpose under heaven… and the discerning heart knows what is needed in each situation.

Things may get a little rocky at times, but when it comes time to give an account for our lives, do we really want to have to explain how some follower of our defeated foe convinced us to abandon our duty to live and speak AND truth in order to achieve a little temporary comfort. So be sure of the task before you, then when criticism and threats come your way… do it anyway!

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