Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tea Party on Target! – 5/30/12

Leases issued don’t equal energy produced: The Interior Department recently issued another bogus report, this time claiming the majority of land leased by oil and gas companies for energy development is not being drilled.
   Interior Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar said this month, “We continue to offer new areas onshore and offshore for leasing, as we have over the last three years.” Not so fast. In the past three-and-a-half years the Obama White House has actively restricted domestic energy production, in part by slow-walking permit approvals and shortening lease terms. Unsurprisingly the cost of a gallon of gasoline is still nearly double what it was when Mr. Obama took office, and overall energy expenses are skyrocketing for American consumers - all according to administration plan.
   What’s more, discussing the number of leases issued is deliberately misleading. A lease is not an all-systems-go signal for oil and gas companies; it is a move in the right direction, but only the start of a long, convoluted process deliberately fraught with bureaucratic red tape. If the president were serious about our energy future, he would charge Mr. Salazar with finding out who’s responsible for the leasing and permitting delays that keep 97 percent of our federal lands off-limits.

[This is a very, very interesting read with a bunch of statistics that will blow your mind. For instance, the world will generate more new information in this year than in the past 5000 years! – JS]
The Gospel in an age of Information Technology:
A very astute church historian has observed that witty inventions and breakthrough technologies seem to always emerge concurrent to significant times of shift, reformation and advancement of the Gospel.
   For example: At the time of Christ's ministry on earth and during the birth and spread of  the New Testament Gospel, the powerful Roman Empire had done something quite  new and innovative. They literally built a network of roads everywhere the empire reached with the slogan "All roads lead to Rome.” They may have lead to Rome, but they also lead to the propagation of the Gospel all over the then-known world. The Roman roads became the communication and transportation links of a new era for the fledgling church…
   While followers of Jesus know that the message of the Gospel is timeless and universal, it's becoming obvious that the church must embrace and fully use the technology of the future if it wants to fulfill it’s destiny. We need to recognize and adapt to some radical cultural, social and technological changes, while certainly remaining rooted in the eternal truths of Scripture to stay relevant in these exceptional times. Perhaps we are being handed the very tools the end-times Church needs in preparation to transition into the great and final end-time harvest of the earth.

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