Friday, April 13, 2012

Conservative on Target! 4/13/12

Da and Nyet: Religion in the Public Square > I’m thrilled public schools are now teaching religion all over the country. But, you’ll have to guess which country. [This is truly incredible and is a major object lesson for those who would be statists. – JS]

74 Democrats Join Radical Group to Force Israel Into Concessions: In the midst of ongoing rocket terror attacks against Israel from Gaza and even Egypt, as civil war rages in Syria, and as the threat from Iran approaches the point of no return, 74 Democrats in the House of Representatives have joined the radical, George Soros-funded J Street pressure group in supporting the Obama administration's attempt to force Israel into making risky concessions to the Palestinians. [“Spooky Dude” rules – JS]

Harvard Law School Offers Course Credit for ‘Understanding Obama’ Class : With the help of Bill Ayers, Barack Hussein Obama attended the Harvard Law School where he graduated with his degree in law in 1991. While attending Harvard, he was elected president of the Harvard Law Review in 1990, making him the first black to hold that title. Like many students in various universities, Obama had a faculty mentor… Twenty-one years later, Ogletree is paying homage to his prize student by offering a for credit class on Obama in the spring of 2013. [Evidently some of those law students actually have the temerity to question the value of this class! – JS]

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