Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tea Party Matters! 3/21/12

INCREDIBLE! Obama Bypasses Congress, Gives $1.5 Billion to Muslim Brotherhood: During a trip through Colorado in December of last year, President Obama spoke of his intention to implement his economic policies with or without the approval of Congress. Said Obama, “And where Congress is not willing to act, we’re going to go ahead and do it ourselves.” It now appears that such a mindset applies not only to economic matters but to the distribution of foreign aid as well--in particular, foreign military aid for the Muslim Brotherhood, who now hold the reigns in Egypt. [We are so far down the rabbit hole … – JS]

MUST READ! Obama’s Secret War-making for the U.N.: So while the Pentagon prepares for across-the-board cuts in national security and defense programs, plans are underway by the Obama Administration to use some of what’s left of our military to operate on behalf of the United Nations and the ICC. The “fundamental transformation” of the United States is now underway at the Department of Defense. [Yet another shocker with Obama leading us deeper into a One World Order by executive action in defiance of Congress and the Constitution. – JS]

Radical Muslims Defile World War II Graves, Demand Religious Tolerance: Now, the radical Muslim world riots each time its dead are defiled, its mosques are damaged, or its holy books are harmed. At the same time, however, bands of radical Muslims have no problem using mosques as terror hideaways, beheading civilians, and destroying the gravesites of World War II dead. Hypocrisy would be too kind a word for such behavior.

Supremes 9, EPA 0 > The Justices rebuke the bureaucracy's water torture: These are hard times for economic liberty, but the Supreme Court on Wednesday offered a modest reason to hope. In a 9-0 ruling, they concluded that the Environmental Protection Agency can't terrorize Americans via regulation without allowing them a day in court.

The Vetting: Obama 1995: ‘Scapegoat’ the ‘Top 5%’: In a newly-uncovered interview from the Hyde Park Citizen newspaper circa December 28, 1995, Barack Obama explains his philosophy on income inequality in the United States, especially in light of economic difficulties: “ In an environment of scarcity, where the cost of living is rising, folks begin to get angry and bitter and look for scapegoats. Historically, instead of looking at the top 5% of this country that controls all the wealth, we turn towards each other, and the Republicans have added to the fire.” [More Obama redistributionist, socialist. classist clap trap come to light! How did this guy ever get by us? – JS]

Only in Progressive America: Children Read to Dogs at Virginia Library

'Obama Stomping Constitution' Artist Releases Controversial New Painting

IMPORTANT! Secular Employers: Obamacare Threatens Our Religious Liberty, Too: The fact that the Obamacare anti-conscience mandate undermines religious liberty for faith-based organizations has been well-documented. Attracting less attention is the fact that many other organizations will be negatively impacted as well. As one report makes clear, the mandate—even with the Obama Administration’s proposed “accommodation”—runs afoul of the religious liberty of citizens who run secular organizations…

Senate Democrat Judiciary Witness List: Two Radical Leftists: Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee is convening a hearing on the pending Verizon purchase of broadcast spectrum from a cable company consortium. The Committee has called but six witnesses for the hearing.  And two of them are radical Leftists - Joel Kelsey and Tim Wu.  The organization they have in common is Free Press - the most bizarre of all the Media Marxist joints.

The Intolerant Left Wants Christian University Out of Their Town: Some people are so nervous about Liberty’s potential takeover of the land that a petition against the institution has been launched. In fact, alumni of the Northfield Mount Hermon prep school — the school that owned the site until 2009 — are petitioning against the potential Christian owners, alleging that Liberty is “extremist” and “narrow” in its teachings.The intolerance of the Left is astounding.

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