Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tea Party Matters! 3/3/12

WOW! Florida legislators on Thursday unanimously called on the U.S. Congress to approve and refer to the states for their consideration a constitutional amendment establishing term limits for senators and representatives For a movement that was betrayed and left for dead by then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich and other Republican leaders in 1996, the term limits movement is today showing remarkable signs of revival. With the federal government careening toward bankruptcy, public approval of Congress at record lows, the economy staggering under a blizzard of costly new bureaucratic regulations, and professional politicians rigging campaign rules to protect their incumbency, the only surprise here is that anybody would be surprised that term limits is again climbing up the national agenda. [This is, at least a start towards one of the very few significant structural changes we could make to salvage our mess. Let’s hope we can keep it going! – JS]

Bummer: GM To Halt Production Of Chevy Firestarter “Temporarily”: Just about the only thing keeping JS in the room is government and GM purchasing the souped up golf carts, all at taxpayer expense. Oh, and a few of those “Evil Rich” people. [Ahh - nothing like the smell of our tax money in flames. Any more government help and we’ll have one car model – much like the Soviet model of yore! – JS]

Liberal Groups Want to Censor American History: Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland are claiming that the Commissioners of Carroll County, Maryland, were wrong to use $800 of taxpayer money to fund a talk by David Whitney, pastor of Cornerstone Evangelical Fellowship in Pasadena, Maryland, to teach “the founders’ view of law and government, the American view of law and government, which is, simply put, there is a Creator God, the God of the Bible. Secondly, our rights come from Him. Thirdly, the sole purpose of human civil government is to protect and secure those God-given rights.”

When you see a collection of headlines like these from Rasmussen you begin to think that there is hope for us yet!

While you are at it, I also demand you fund the flowers, the dinner seduction, the taxi ride home and the Kama Sutra!

INCREDIBLE! Health department raids community picnic and destroys all food with bleach!

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