Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We have heroes all around us, just open your eyes!

Wounded Hero Derek McConnell


Remember that Marine, Soldier, Airman and Sailor that was wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan? What you don’t know who I’m talking about? Well they are out there and staying mentally tough because if they themselves don’t stay tough, who will for them?

Many that I know are strong minded and mentally tough despite the hell they have been through. No one knows “how” they might be after they become significantly wounded while volunteering to deploy to a shit hole and catching some piece of craps lucky shot or cowardly IED placed in a village. No one can know but as the saying goes it’s not what happens to you that necessarily matters but what you do next that is important.

These studs live that motto ever freaking day. They start each day with an uphill battle. Sure they are out of sight out of mind more the majority of us. Unless it’s your son or husband you’re helping to get out of bed every day then the sacrifice your family has made for this country doesn’t stare at you every second of every day.

Personally I think we could simply say “Thank You” to our wounded. Personally I come from the thought that America owes its wounded everything. When someone pays the ultimate price or is wounded and has to bear through life with challenges, yea, I think we owe them and apparently I’m apparently in the minority. Perhaps not and many simply aren’t around them to be reminded that we have heroes all around us, it’s about time they are treated like it.

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