Friday, February 24, 2012

Tea Party Matters! 2-24-12

White House Takes Wrong Step with Immigration Enforcement:
The Obama Administration has decided to kill one of America’s most successful interior enforcement programs to combat illegal immigration. This decision will undermine state and local law enforcement, encourage additional illegal immigration, and make America less secure.
In the first seven years after Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) started using the authorities under Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA), more than 60 state and local agencies entered into Memoranda of Agreement (MOAs) resulting in roughly 1,000 law enforcement officers being “deputized” to enforce federal immigration law. Even more important, over 120,000 individuals were identified as illegal immigrants under the program. [Once again, the Obama administration has managed to do away with one of the few effective illegal immigration platforms by executive fiat! – JS]

Obama sings while America sinks:
Under President Obama America is sinking economically, constitutionally, socially, militarily, morally, politically and spiritually. The problems the country faces are many and varied and extremely serious, and America and Americans are in grave danger on a wide variety of different fronts. The United States is in deep trouble everywhere you look and it is entirely possible that it might not be able to effect a turnaround and return to prosperity and glory, to its rightful historic place at the forefront of the free world. It’s also entirely possible that it might not survive as a free, democratic nation, indeed might not survive at all.
   So what is our President doing while all this is happening, besides making things worse on virtually a daily basis that is?
   He’s singing, that’s what.

Why Is the U.S. Apologizing for Scorched Qurans: Mr. and Mrs. America, boys and girls, welcome to the Global War on Quran-Burning, as led by the United States Masochists To Make the World Safe for Shariah (Islamic law)… Nonetheless, we as a nation -- spilling blood for the "noble people of Afghanistan," as top commander Marine Gen. John R. Allen says in his prostration video (see it here) -- have deemed it vital to accommodate, apologize, slurp and scrape to those who do. Equally as tragic, in the frenzy to apologize, the logic behind throwing the stuff away has been sacrificed. Reason itself has been discarded in a shameful and irrational act of fealty. This isn't just dysfunctional behavior. This is full-blown dhimmitude.

A Troubling Trend in the Courts: von Spakovsky concludes regrettably that Ginsburg and Breyer are "making decisions based on their personal ideologies and political opinions" instead of relying on "actual evidence submitted in the cases before them." [Remember. Progressive judges would have you believe all evidence is relative! – JS]

Discourse On A Higher Plane:
   Pastors not speaking out – being cowed by the progressive government into keeping their teaching behind church doors and away from public policy is just the way the secular statists like it
   To the secular progressive, secular humanist or whatever they want to be called this week, and even many members of the so-called Christian left, man can identify and solve problems by his own reasoning and power. They believe that man is perfectible if only he has the proper guidance and restrictions on his baser instincts by those who know better. The ruling class believes that they are the supreme authority. To hear that there really is a power and a morality greater than their wisdom provides, makes their heads explode. Their response is to try to keep religion out of the public sphere because it leads people in a direction away from their influence and values. When the Catholic Church, many Baptists, and Graham himself determined that they would be willing to break the law to keep their religious commitments on the issue of insuring for “health” procedures they find ungodly or if they were instructed to hire someone with a different value system, it is an affront to the “benevolent state”. As the lady from California said – they believe that the rights created by a corrupt government trump ones religious convictions. She didn’t put it quite that way, but then, I’m not certain she is a lady either.

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