Wednesday, February 1, 2012

“Protected” vs. Equal – On elitist pride…

By John Sykes

This basically expands on something I often spout. Elitists are the most prideful people I know. Our problems stem from elitists which most politicians are! This is why we need more Christians who recognize the sin of pride involved in politics.


From the Political Christian

Many years ago, our forefathers agreed that all men were created equal. This was a giant step forward as the world they lived in was dominated by a stratified society composed of the ruling class and peasants… and there was no movement between, or association with, members of the opposite class. The founders understood that the One who Created each of us did not play favorites and everyone stood before Him on equal footing.

Today, we are governed by another ruling class who, at best, gives lip service to the Creator and, at worst, wants Him banned from public discourse, lest their humanistic lies be exposed. They are the ones who determine who is favored and who is shunned. They decide who deserves the good will of the state and who requires observation.

Here is where we run into the idea of the “protected class” of citizens. These are people who don’t always have an easy time of life. It could be that they have some physical situation, or some lifestyle choice situation that is different than most. However, the common denominator is that the Democrat Party has managed to create a dependency on government in these citizens and, pretty well, takes them for granted at the polling place… sometimes multiple times in a cycle. Foolishly, the other party bought into the compassionate sounding names they gave the laws and embraced them as well.

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