Friday, January 20, 2012

Conservative on Target – Joblessness, Rich Taxes, Headlines

Compiled by John Sykes

Political Cartoons by Gary VarvelObama's Magic Kingdom of Joblessness: He could have green-lighted the Keystone XL pipeline this week and helped create real jobs and increase the supply of affordable, reliable energy, without spending public dollars or advocating tax hikes. But instead he headed for the Magic Kingdom and continued to spin the fantasy that he has the answers for job creation in America. In the meantime, Americans can only dream of a stronger economy and a brighter future. [Note that he rejected high-paying jobs to go after far lower-paying service jobs. Obviously, he is playing to his base, not white, skilled labor! JS]

1moremittHow Much the Rich Pay > Mitt Romney, the 1% and taxes.: The main point is that the average effective tax rate on the richest 1% is already twice as high as that of the middle class. No matter how many times Mr. Buffett asserts it, secretaries and plumbers do not on average pay a higher tax rate or less in taxes than do CEOs. Here is what the CBO concludes: "Taken as a whole, the federal tax system is progressive." [Seems the Obamaites always present data on income taxes, excluding  the 35% tax on corporations before that income can get to us! – JS]


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