Saturday, January 14, 2012

Buck Up > A challenge to frightened conservatives

[This is truly a must-read for any wishy-washy conservatives who will settle for a holding action rather than a fight! – JS]

From’s Complacent Conservatism Is Allowing America To Slide Into The Abyss:

Conservatism is more relevant than ever to American life, but much of the conservative movement has grown complacent, lazy, rigid, and out-of-touch. Too many conservatives went to D.C. to make a difference and hung around to make a few bucks. Too many conservatives have given up on moving America to the right and are now content to just hold the line so we don't move any further backwards. That's one of the dirty little secrets on the Right; real grassroots Tea Party conservatism FRIGHTENS a lot of conservatives, especially the ones in D.C. It's not so much because they disagree with the sentiment, but because they've become so demoralized that they instinctively recoil from any meaningful effort to move the country to the right, rather than just stopping the movement to the left…

It's much better to be right than wrong, but there are a lot of conservatives who still haven't learned that being right is not enough. You can be right and lose an argument, a movement, and even your country. As Buddha once said, "Virtue is persecuted more by the wicked than it is loved by the good." That's why conservatism is the harder road. We have to be the adults. We have to be the ones who stand up for capitalism, Christianity, and country while liberals are telling everyone to go enjoy yourself, someone else will pay for it, and anyone who says there's more to life than that just wants to ruin your good time. That's what we're fighting against and there are a lot of conservatives who need to remember that not only is this a fight, it's a fight to move the ball forward, not a delaying action before a defeatist retreat into oblivion.

You really must read all of this here

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